If you are looking for the perfect stone bricks for your new home or building project, we warn you: when you’ve had a look at our bricks, you might just fall in love with their appearance. Our bricks are created carefully and in a unique way. It does make a difference.

Our bricks are manufactured without using dye or artificial additives. The color of our stone bricks are the result of their composition, the hours they bake and the temperature of the fire in the oven.

Traditional stone bricks

We’d love to welcome you in our factory. But before you get on the plane, we can already give you an impression of how traditional stone bricks are made. We have illustrated the four different phases of our manufacturing process.

Have a look at the process

Bricks in every shape, size and colour

We manufacture original stone bricks, we produces one-of-a-kind stones for specific projects. The possibilities concerning shape, size or colour are endless. Whether the bricks are used for renovation or a brand new building project, we know how to bake exactly the kind of bricks you are looking for.

Beneath, we love to show you some examples of our stones in different shapes, sizes and colours:

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More information about stone bricks

Would you like more information on our stone bricks or do you have a question on your specific project? Please feel free to contact us. We love to hear from you.

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